Why are you moving?

The Braves’ lease at Turner Field expires at the end of 2016, and we needed to find a long-term solution that ensured the Braves would remain in Atlanta for another generation. Turner Field needs $150 million in infrastructure work alone (replacing the seats, repairing and upgrading lighting, etc.), none of which would significantly enhance the fan experience.

If the Braves were to pay for additional projects focused on improving the fan experience, the additional costs could exceed $200 million.

Our new stadium will remain in the metro Atlanta area, just miles from the existing stadium with enhanced connectivity, increased access to major roads and more parking.

Our new location will give us the opportunity to develop the surrounding area of the new ballpark, transforming it into a mixed use, 365-day destination and creating an enhanced atmosphere for our fans during Braves games. There will also be significantly increased access to the site, enhanced parking opportunities, and, generally, easier access to and from major roadways with a variety of other transportation options.